Bulldogs News · Antigen Test Forms Reminder

Good Evening.  Here is a reminder of the MHSAA’s rules concerning the upcoming middle school winter sports and the high school spring seasons.  Please notice that as of April 2nd there are two forms that must be filled out and turned in before any athlete 13 years or older may even practice. If you have any further questions please reach out to Athletic Director Scott Bednarski @ sbednars@bentleyschools.org.  

  • Beginning on April 2, schools must complete an antigen test of athletes one time per week.  The first test must be completed between April 2-8, the second test between April 9-15, 16-22 (and so on).  There is no requirement that the antigen tests be completed before specific practices or contests; the order simply requires a weekly test of one time per week and schools have the flexibility to schedule the tests at any time within each week.  This applies to all high school and middle school teams with participants between the ages of 13-19.  Those 12 and younger may participate and are not required to complete rapid antigen testing.  
  • Two forms must be completed for each student participant in the MDHHS program including the MI Safer Sports Participant Code of Conduct form and Consent form.  Here are the links to these two forms:

  • Face Masks-  Face masks must be worn based on the following guidance for outdoor activity (practice and competition)
  • Contact Sports- Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse and Girls Soccer participants must wear face masks at all times.  This includes all participants, coaches and all other team personnel.
  • Non-Contact Sports- Baseball, Golf, Softball, Tennis and Track & Field participants must wear face masks at all times except when involved in active outdoor participation (in the game, during the round, during the match, during the race/event).  Coaches and all other team personnel must wear face masks at all times, including participants when on the bench, in the dugout, between individual events, etc. 
  • If practice or competition moves indoors, all individuals (participants, coaches, team personnel) must wear face masks. 
  • Six feet of physical distancing should be included in all activity whenever possible.